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Breaking Bad: The Board Game

Breaking Bad: The Board Game

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Ages: 18+
Players: 3-8
Year: 2017
Publisher: Edge
Product Title: Breaking Bad: The Board Game
PrimaryName: Breaking Bad: The Board Game
Ship Date: December 17th 2017


Release date: December 2017

Based on the critically-acclaimed TV series, Breaking Bad: The Board Game propels you into the treacherous underbelly of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Will you play as a member of one of the criminal factions (Heisenberg, Los Pollos Hermanos or the Juarez Cartel), trying to amass a fortune by manufacturing the biggest stash of Blue Sky while eliminating your rivals? Or, will you join the ranks of the Drug Enforcement Administration, ready to slap the cuffs on the lawbreakers who would dare peddle their poison in your city? Be the one who knocks.

• Players take on the roles of their favorite characters from the show, playing to advance the agendas of the notorious criminals or the DEA
• Produce Blue Sky, crack down on labs, and engage in tense gunfights with the other players’ characters
• Dynamic and adaptable board setup allows for any combination of cartels or characters for increased replayability