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Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol

Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol

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Year: 2019


Release Date: January 15th 2017

In Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol, detectives, citizens, and Deckard compete to figure out who is a replicant posing as a human. They know that one of them is a replicant, and not even the replicant knows who.

In this deduction game, you will use your influence to meet contacts, gather information, and reveal evidence, to identify the replicant. If you discover that you are the replicant you’ll have to scramble to conceal your identity and avoid early retirement.

Will you find the replicant, or will you be retired?


  • 63 Cards
  • 7 Standees
  • Rules

From the designers, Jesse Wright and Travis R Chance